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07-17-2017 07:45:11:Eaglecrest is now closed for the season.

The Summer trail is clear of snow to the top of Ptarmigan and the top of Black Bear. The Lower Nordic Trail is clear of snow all the way to Fish Creek. Summer has arrived on the mountain!

Porcupine Lodge office hours this summer are Monday through Wednesday from 10am-2pm. Come by or call the ticket window at (907) 790-2000 x214.

Just a reminder that Alaska Zipline Adventures has moved into the Porcupine Lodge and all facilities are now closed to the public for the summer.

Hikers and bikers are urged to bring plenty of water. A public toilet is available in the lower parking lot. There are also public toilets available at the Eagle's Nest at the top of the mountain.

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Thanks for a great season!

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Bulk Tickets


Bulk Tickets

Bulk tickets provide a way to purchase a large number of lift tickets in advance for a discounted rate. Bulk Tickets are a favorite for organizations offering holiday gifts, benefits, planning a seasonal get together or for pooled employee purchases. The general rates are as follows:

25 ticket order - 30% off regular price

50 ticket order - 40% off regular price


Unlimited Transferable Season Pass

Employers can purchase one or more of The Unlimited Transferable Season Pass and share it with their employees.  It is a great option for small businesses and organizations that wish to provide continued access to Eaglecrest, plus the convenience of bypassing the ticket window.  It also give your employees an option to get out on the weekends, stay active, healthy and happy. 

* (all prices do not include 5% tax)


Eaglecrest Ski Area Juneau Alaska


For more information about prices, availability and process, or to purchase tickets contact:

Emily McDaniel

Marketing and Events Coordinator


(907) 790-2000 x227





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