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11-17-2014 10:39:19: The snow is creeping down the mountain and we know winter is just around the corner! The EarlyBird Sale ends on November 15 - make sure you are ready for winter!
Hikers are urged to use caution, snow cats and other machinery will be working on the mountain.

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Hilary Lindh Scholarship Winners

2013/2014 Hilary Lindh Scholarship Winners


Winners are chosen by a selection committee based on scholastic achievement, competitive spirit, and financial need.

"This year’s winners are nothing short of exemplary and Eaglecrest is proud to offer them Season Passes in recognition of their outstanding contributions to their communities"

- Julie Jackson, Snowsports School and Community Outreach Supervisor

Hilary and Keagan

Michael Thomas

From Gastineau Elementary School, first grader Michael “loves to try new things,” says Liz White, Gastineau Attendance & Lunch Clerk. “He can be seen around the school in the afternoon most days on his rollerblades.” Michael moved to Juneau just before starting Kindergarten and has “never skied but would love to learn!”


Hilary and Jenna

Jenna Masse

Jenna is a fourth grader from Gastineau Elementary School and loves “to cross-country ski, but would love to learn to downhill ski.” She has been described as a “team player who loves to participate in everything that Juneau has to offer her,” according to George Montero Jr., who wrote a letter of recommendation for Jenna’s application.


Hilary and Cheyenne

Cheyenne Hinckley

Among the winners is Cheyenne, who demonstrates “respect and reverence for the natural world,” according to Daven Hafey, Legislative Liason and Wilderness Stewardship Coordinator. A twelfth grader from Juneau Douglas High School, Cheyenne has a keen sense of humor and a constant desire to discover.


Hilary and Keagan

Keagan Walker

The fourth scholarship winner shines with strength and persistence as he overcomes “a rare leg birth defect that is challenging.” Born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, or PFFD, Thunder Mountain High School ninth grader Keagan is a “one-of-a-kind eclectic learner”, says Nicholas Jans. “I love skiing, it makes me feel like my small leg doesn’t matter,” says Keagan.



For questions regarding the Hilary Lindh Scholarship, please contact:

Julie Jackson, Snowsports School & Community Outreach Supervisor


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