Eaglecrest Ski Area

Juneau, Alaska
tel. 907-790-2000


Updated:12-20-2014 11:00:23BaseTop
New Snow (24hrs).501.5
New Snow (48hrs)110
Total Snow825
Temp33°FNA °F

Total Snow to Date: 44"

12-20-2014 11:00:23:Good Morning! Porcupine Chair will be open from today, December 20 - January 5th, with the exception of Christmas Day; we will be closed. Porcupine Chair will operate from 9am-3pm.
The Nordic Trails, Hooter, Black Bear, & Ptarmigan Chairs will be closed until we receive a significant amount of snow. If you are hiking on the mountain please use extreme caution. You may encounter snow machines or other heavy equipment & always hike with a buddy!

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Snow Report and Weather

10 kts · NA °F · 24HR Snowfall 1.5"


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