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07-17-2017 07:45:11:Eaglecrest is now closed for the season.

The Summer trail is clear of snow to the top of Ptarmigan and the top of Black Bear. The Lower Nordic Trail is clear of snow all the way to Fish Creek. Summer has arrived on the mountain!

Porcupine Lodge office hours this summer are Monday through Wednesday from 10am-2pm. Come by or call the ticket window at (907) 790-2000 x214.

Just a reminder that Alaska Zipline Adventures has moved into the Porcupine Lodge and all facilities are now closed to the public for the summer.

Hikers and bikers are urged to bring plenty of water. A public toilet is available in the lower parking lot. There are also public toilets available at the Eagle's Nest at the top of the mountain.

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Thanks for a great season!

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Snow Report and Weather

5 kts · 45°F · 24HR Snowfall 0"


Hiking at Eaglecrest

Summer Trail

The Summer Trail runs from Eaglecrest's Base Area to the top of the Ptarmigan Chairlift and the top of the Black Bear Chairlift. This trail meanders across the ski trails on the lower and east side of the mountain. Hikers will enjoy wildflowers, alpine meadows and scenic vistas. The Summer Trail is a multi-use for both hikers and bikers. Maintenance vehicles may be encountered at any time. No unauthorized vehicles are allowed. Below is a table of landmarks and distances along the Summer Trail.

For your safety - please stay off and clear of all ski area machinery including chairs as they may move unexpectedly at any time.


Landmark Distance Elevation
Eaglecrest Lodge 0.00 mi. 1150 ft.
Bottom of Ptarmigan Chair 0.21 mi. 1208 ft
Phase 1 start of Sourdough MBT 0.57 mi. 1447 ft.
Bottom of Black Bear Chair 0.92 mi. 1609 ft.
Art's Bench 0.97 mi. 1661 ft.
Black Bear Access Trail 0.99 mi. 1673 ft.
Top of Inside Passage Trail 1.56 mi. 2151 ft.
Top of the Throat 1.82 mi. 2387 ft.
The "Y" in Easy Bowl 1.97 mi. 2486 ft.
Eagle's Nest/Top of Ptarmigan 2.12 mi. 2594 ft.
Top of Black Bear Chair 2.09 mi. 2588 ft.
Pittman's Ridge Loop .5 mi. 2750 ft.


Looking towards town on the summer trail

Photo taken from the bottom of the Black Bear Chair looking back down the mountain

Pittman's Ridge LoopTrail

This multi-use trail runs from thetopof the Black Bear Chairlift along Pittman's Ridge and down to the top of the Ptramigan Chairlift.

To reach the trail you will have to hike 2.09 miles to the top of the Black Bear Chairlift. The Pittman's Loop Trail starts just uphill from the top lift shack.

The trail, completed in 2016, offers great alpine views.

Pittman's Ridge Loop Trail

Photo taken along the Pittman's Loop Trail

Black Bear - Hooter Access Trail

This multi-use trail runs from the bottom of the Black Bear Chairlift to the Top of the Hooter Chairlift.

To reach the trail you will have to hike 1.0 miles up the Summer Trail until you reach the bottom of the Black Bear Chairlift. The Black Bear to Hooter access road is approximately 150 yards above the bottom of the Black Bear Chair off to your right. The Black Bear Access Trail is 0.19 miles long.

The trail, completed in 2015, offers a new summer view of Eaglecrest as it meanders through the alpine slopes.

Eaglecrest Black Bear Hooter Access Trail Hike

Photo take from the top of the Hooter Chair looking back down the Black Bear Access trail

Lower Nordic Trail

This is a multi-use trail to be shared with other bikers and hikers. In the winter season, it is part of Eaglecrest's Nordic Trail System. The 2.2 mile trail eventually meets up with the Treadwell Ditch Trail and makes it one of Juneau's most spectacular and accessible hikes! The trail has a hardened surface and it uneven in spots. Please exercise caution.

Funded by a grand from the Alaska Trail Initiative and constructed by Trail Mix and Eaglecrest Staff, the Lower Nordic Trail runs from Eaglecrest's Porcupine Lodge to Fish Creek.

Lower Nordic Trail

Photo taken along the lower Nordic Trail

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

  • Know where you are going. Make a trip plan before you go: where you are going, when you will be back, & who knows your are going
  • Wear proper clothing & footwear; be prepared for changing weather conditions. Bring plenty of food, water and other essential items. There is no water available on the mountain
  • There are composting toilets at the Eagle's Nest at the top of the Ptarmigan Chair
  • Remember you are in the wilderness - rescue may take some time to get to you

Tread Lightly & Leave No Trace

  • Watch were you step - you are in a fragile alpine environment, please treat it with care.
  • Pack out everything you bring in with you including your trash.
  • Please clean up after your dog.
  • Be considerate of other hikers and bikers & keep your dog under control at all times.
  • Be Bear Aware!
  • Respect wildlife - you are in their home
  • Leave rocks, flowers, plants etc. for all to enjoy

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